Intelligent planning

Wisdom planning is the use of the Internet, Internet of Things, large data, cloud computing and other new technologies, the whole process will take into account the detailed planning and design of Internet of Things technology.

Generally speaking, the traditional building in the design stage, only need to focus on the staircase structure and other parts of the design, and if it is wisdom planning, it is necessary to power supply, information equipment and data communications and other factors into account, constitute a complete wiring system The The individual spatial units are connected together at the initial design stage, and this can be used as the basic element of the intelligent building.

Although the increase in the integrated wiring system in the building, will increase the cost of the entire project, but from a number of cases at home and abroad, the increase in the cost of the total cost of about 2%, the maximum will not exceed 5% The proportion is not too big. But once the integrated wiring system, will inevitably make the building to increase the practical function and improve the use of value.

If the integrated wiring products to achieve green, you can improve the efficiency of the use of buildings, so that it has a good ability to receive and reflect the timely exchange of information to improve work efficiency. And then to improve the safety of buildings, comfort and convenience, such as intelligent building security, monitoring, access control and other intelligent management system, but also to achieve a good energy saving effect and reduce the cost of labor equipment.

With the popularity of Internet of Things products, these intelligent features of the building can be better with all the things in the building together with the equipment, not only to improve the efficiency of office staff, and even in the event of fire and other emergency The case of the first time to start the emergency plan to inform all staff to a time to evacuate, showing the various escape routes and export flow of people, for the fire and security systems to provide basic communication security.

The internal facilities can also be connected with a variety of sensors, in addition to providing convenience for the safety of fire, but also can bring more environmental contributions.

In addition, not just public places, and even our residential quarters can also be more convenient through intelligent building. For example, water, electricity, gas and broadband charges, which are closely related to our daily lives, can be pushed to the residents' mobile phone in real time through the network of intelligent buildings, and can be paid directly through the mobile phone after confirmation, without having to pay to the outlets ; In addition, the district parking lot, security camera, the user repair and so can be integrated with the property network, so that residents everywhere to see their own home district surrounding environment.

Building to consider whether it is sustainable construction, sustainable construction to follow what things in order to achieve this effect, one is saving, ecological, humane, harmless, intensive. How to save, to consider the intelligent building from doing down to the user to use, the whole life cycle, so that energy-saving section, water-saving materials, set the smart building according to local conditions.


The Application of Internet of Things Technology in Intelligent Planning

Wisdom Traffic:

Traffic management network (traffic sensor network, car network), intelligent vehicle intelligent management and service (location services, intelligent parking), dynamic vehicle intelligent management and services (intelligent traffic monitoring and management system, intelligent parking and induction system, Intelligent bus system, electronic toll collection system, emergency handling system, integrated information platform and service system)、

Smart parking:

Dynamic parking spaces, the use of fast parking algorithm to guide the car quickly into the free parking spaces; for special parking spaces, vip parking spaces, scheduled parking spaces to retain, do not guide the vehicle to enter; parking time monitoring function, in the management of the parking space The platform can keep abreast of the occupancy time of each parking space; can statistics the parking lot of the time occupancy rate, daily usage, auxiliary guidance parking management arrangements; system and parking lot system and other software to achieve data exchange, resource sharing.

Intelligent monitoring:

Site monitoring; mobile phone remote monitoring; interval speed; traffic flow; urban management evidence;

Digital management platform: to achieve video surveillance, GPS positioning, geographic information coding Trinity, inspection, processing, supervision of the Trinity, according to the grid of social service management innovation work business model for information construction to achieve standardization, intensification, synergy, The visualization of the target provides a strong support.

Intelligent environmental protection application system:

RFID technology, biosensing technology, acoustic sensors, optical sensors, chemical sensors, infrared sensors, satellite remote sensing.

Water Environmental Monitoring:

Automatic monitoring of water quality, to prevent the occurrence of sudden water pollution accidents; water quality monitoring data and video data seamlessly superimposed; rich feature analysis and calculation functions, concentration changes, pollutant evaluation category topics, pollutant evaluation category time changes, Through the management of the sewage outfall into the river, to achieve environmental water quality monitoring data and comprehensive analysis of sewage monitoring data, to take environmental management measures to provide a more intuitive basis; remote control, visual control of remote equipment; relying on the Ministry of Environmental Protection Water Environment Regulation model, and provide auxiliary decision for watershed early warning, watershed water environment assessment and pollution accident disposal.